Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 is over! Expect the best for 2011 and do your own for getting this world a better place! Here comes the Year of the Rabbit... Good luck for everybody!


  1. Feliz ano novo! (portuguese, I'm brazilian) Happy new year to all Lubuntu Team. I wanna see Tuquito Control Center and Tuquito Software Center in Lubuntu 11.04. I've a netbook (1ghz, 512mb, hd 2gb), and I'm using lubuntu 10.04 because lubuntu 10.10 wants 3.2gb to install :O Why?! Feliz 2011!

  2. Oh, talk in portuguese, I'm spanish (cousins :D).

    I've installed Lubuntu on a netbook too (Acer) with only 1 gb . I don't think the system need more than that, but the installer maybe. Check out the system requierements (

    Please, subscribe to mailing lists ( You can ask everything there.