Sunday, December 05, 2010

Lubuntu Natty Narwhal alpha 1

Julien said: "the Alpha 1 is a snapshot of the actual development, with minimum tests. Expect others breakages until Alpha 2. However, you can easily test it
under virtualbox or qemu".

Buggy (as known  black background, the panel appears in the middle of the screen, checking the CD fail, start menu not correctly translated, splash screen may fall-back to Ubuntu text one, istaller doesn't install correct restricted packages).

Anyway, if you want to test it go to downloads section and grab it while hot.


  1. Wow, that alpha ISO is really compact! How did you manage to cram an entire Ubuntu distro in 25K? :-)

  2. Don't be so gentle, it's bigger: 28 kb. That's our challenge, getting smaller and smaller :D

    Sorry for this inconvenience, obviously the ISO mirror is down, please use the torrent one instead.

    This blogonly hosts final releases only, so I can't control every link. So thank you very much.