Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lubuntu Natty beta 1

The first beta of Lubuntu has been released. There're minor changes in look'n'feel, but a lot of improvements here and there. So, what's new?

  • New theme made (by me)
  • Update installer, with new layout and screenshots
  • A lot of bug fixes

Please note that Lubuntu Natty is based on Ubuntu Natty, same warning apply : "Pre-releases of Natty are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs."

Check it out at downloads area.


  1. The 10.10 artwork is much better. The new theme is blue a lot :s I confess that I hated, I still using lubuntu 10.04, great success of Distrowatch, but now..each version I only see tangible the new artwork and fewer applications like cheese.
    I can not install new versions on my netbook (hd 2gb only) and the new versions do not have more programs in relation to the first version (10.04) so I do not understand because the installation requires 3,2gb and Ubuntu, 2.6gb. Hugs and do not give!!!

  2. Hey! Where is Beta 2?? I will try the Lubuntu 11.04 on my netbook as soon you release it. =-]

  3. Well..We're all wainting.. Maybe I use now eXPress-linux 2011, an ubuntu-based too, LXDE but with adeskbar, emesene, skype, a software center and requieres only 1,4gb, not 3,2gb [..] And is very fast.

  4. As Lubuntu isn't yet an official flavour of Ubuntu, we have a similar but not identical release cycle (we do our best). The release schedule is this:

    - November 25th : End of proposal for applications by default
    - December 1st : Decision for the modification of default applications
    - December 2nd : Alpha 1
    - February 3rd : Alpha 2
    - February 24th : Feature Freeze (no more new stuff and new version)
    - March 3rd : Alpha 3
    - March 17th : End of proposal for artwork
    - March 22nd : Decision for Artwork
    - March 31st : Beta 1
    - April 7th : Documentation / String Freeze
    - April 14th : Final Freeze (only critical changes)
    - April 21st : RC (or Beta 2)
    - April 28th : Final release (or Beta Final)

  5. eXPress-linux 2011 is based on Ubuntu Maverick; Lubuntu 11.04 is based on Natty (with a different core packages). The install requierements may differ from one version to the next one, even in xPRess-linux, which is, anyway, a great distro.

  6. 神癒礁湖, ok, but save us from Unity, Gnome 3 and KDE quickly...!!

  7. 神癒礁湖, thanks for the answer! =]

  8. When the Beta 2? I'm waiting for!

  9. April 21st, a few days left

  10. Appears to be up:

    Is this correct?

  11. Well, it's not public released yet, but yes. But I don't recommend download it because Julien is optimizing the ISO. It can produce checksum errors right now.

    I'll post the link at the moment of release and prepare a direct download.

  12. Ops... I already installed in Virtual Box =P