Monday, May 23, 2011

Here we go...

...let's rock'n'roll. Once a distro is released, the "artwork makers" begin their mockups. And so on, Lubuntu is, for me, the best for testing its own potential and capabilities. Every release is a challenge, and migrating to GTK3 is a hard work. Let's mockup the world and make it better!


  1. Wow, nice mockup, i want to use this!

  2. He, he. Thanks a lot, but it's only a sketch (made with Inkscape). I'd like to do a theme as close as I can with this, but remember, from mockups to reality a lot of things change (some are refused and some others impossible). But who knows, GTK3 brings us a lot of new possibilities. Stay tuned.

  3. Wow, nice mockup, i want to use this! [2]

    神癒礁湖, you know why after you customize (remastersys - sudo remastersys dist name.iso), the the new .ISO always wants login and there is no password.

    And, did you like the "oxygen-cursor"? I use in my lubuntu, is very nice.

    Abraços! (hugs!)

  4. Sorry for answering sooo late. For using Remastersys try the mini.iso available here (with docs):

    And yes, I like the whole Oxygen artwork (maintained by Nuno Pinheiro). I'm seeing hundreds of Lubuntu customizations, I love the people re-tweak and re-combine my job to make it close and personal.