Sunday, July 03, 2011

Getting close...

We're getting close to august, the month  the Lubuntu artwork will be released (if finished, of course). Just an sketch bu, doesn't it look sharpy?

You can always check periodically the changes at the wiki. And, of course, you can submit your own creations to the Wallpaper Flickr group. The "contest" winners artwork will be included in the Lubuntu Artwork official package and, if not, everybody will see your work (2560 x 1600 pixels sized) at the Ubuntu Gallery.


  1. Hm...much, but much better this artwork. Using another colors, the black panel is a charm and silver is in fashion. Try to improve the icons in tray (change black to silver), the panel has a thin white line, hm..I don't know. Many beginners complain that it is more difficult Lubuntu because doesn't have a software center (synaptic is not for beginners) and LibreOffice looks ugly because they forget to install the package LibreOffice-gtk (could be pre-installed the libreoffice-gtk, is small) and would be nice a LibreOffice Manager like PCLinuxOS 2011.6. Hugs and much success for you!

  2. Don't forget that this is an early alpha artwork. It may change a lot from this screenshot (as well as correcting those "thin lines" appearing over there).

    About the LibreOffice, it's not eough to install that package. You need to modify some environments variables. Anyway, I've read that's been solved in the next release. We cannot include this, like PCLinuxOS, because Lubuntu has its own software selection aproved by the community.

    Thanks aa lot for your words.

  3. It looks great! it would look much more better if the menu look more like windows xp :P. and would this release be i386?

  4. I liked the way you are going. I'm just a little afraid of how the LxLauncher will match with those new colors. But if doesn't match for the 11.10, I think that's ok. I can wait the changes at the LxLauncher at the 12.04 or 12.10 =]

  5. It looks amazing so far! Loving the new panel and button, was skeptic about the dark panel but it looks good. Would like to see the light one "in action" though :).

    Can't wait until the systray-icons have been changed, they're pretty horrible right now ;).

    Also, is it possible to remove/change the blue border at the bottom of the windows? It feels out of place.

    Keep up the awesome work! The facelifts Lubuntu has been getting are amazing.


  6. A menu like Windows XP no, but a menu more bigger yes. Black panel is better with a silver walpaper. Can you create a icon in desktop for "Computer", "lubuntu's user" and "trash"?

  7. @Anonymous: Yes, that border will be changed, among other things are being retouched. The systray icons will be from elementary-dark, maybe, better integrated with dark panels (that's not definitive also).

    @Felipe: The menu isn't as big as XP's one, the usual in LXDE. There's no way (by me) to change that.

    The wallpaper is a heavily discussion by the crew and is possibly the most restricted artwork piece of all. It must continue in the same line until the integration with Ubuntu by Canonical.

    I already asked about to implement the trash icon, it's a feature that will come soon, but not now. There's a distro that has it and doesn't work very well.

  8. 神癒礁湖, yeah, I know.. where you from, 神癒礁湖, ? Some printscreens are in català, I guess. Hugs and good luck!

  9. He, he. Yes, it's in català because I live in València. But I'm a japanese student (slowly, I'm taking my time), and this is just a freak point of me (and a way to having japanese habits). We're neighbours! :)

  10. OMG! Sugoi, you need now learn català and spanish too :O bona sort hahaha!

  11. Rafael, if possible, could we replace the current language flags provided with lxpanel (for "Keyboard Layout Switcher", found in /usr/share/lxpanel/images/xkb-flags) with something more appropriate?

    Maybe something like this?

    PS: Maybe they've already been replaced in 11.04, I'm still running 10.10.

  12. Sorry for answering so late, frankbooth. I've asked about this to the code crew, and there's a possibility to include this great work into Lubuntu, but we need to patch the applet first. You know, it's a question of time, as always. If we're lucky we'll include this feature in Oneiric. Your info will be used. I appreciate this a lot, thank you very much.

  13. Loving everything except for that dark-ish panel background. It feels a bit out of place (for me).

    Have you tried a lighter one? I think one based on the GTK theme (ZukiTwo) tones would look fantastic.

    Thank you for your great work!

  14. No, thanks to you, Frames, for your words. The panel issue was heavily discussed by the crew and the mailing lists. The votes for the dark panel were 15, against 6 for the light one. So here it is.

    But talking about ZukiTwo, maybe you haven't seen the last update, now the panel is dark too (it's funny, after ours) for "a better integration with Unity". But using it in Classic session shows the same: dark.

    I ALWAYS respect the users' opinion. As this, if you want to be part of the future polls in the Lubuntu artwork, I suggest you to subscribe to the mailing lists (the link is up right in this blog).

  15. I hate democracy sometimes.

    Just kidding. Plus, I gotta say that:

    1. It's pretty easy to change both the panel background and the menu icon, so no probs if I just happen to not want them.

    2. I must confess I tend to never FULLY like your artwork. HOWEVER, once it's released, I just don't know how, but I'm totally sold. Ozone in Natty was "too blue" for me at first, but now I just love it. So dope.

    3. Nevermind. It's just me.

    I'm actually not actively using Lubuntu/LXDE; as of now I'm using Gnome, did use KDE before that.

    LXDE was a surprise and is growing up on me, and Lubuntu is (to say the least) on par with any other LXDE-based distro out there. So I might be taking the plunge shortly.

    Saludos (from Madrid, btw).