Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lubuntu official ISOs!

After a few years working, three releases with a hard work within, and a really great effort it arrives the support from Canonical (making it official). Mark Shuttleworth said our work would become a reality and being part of the Ubuntu familyt would arrive. Words from Julien Lavergne, leader of the project:

After 2 years of work, and 3 "unofficial" releases (10.04, 10.10 and 11.04), we had recently an official go from the Technical Board and ISO images are now made like other Ubuntu flavors. I hope the 11.10 will be the 1st official release of Lubuntu as a member of the Ubuntu family.

Also, these news arrived to almost every Ubuntu dedicated blog and news feeder, as WebUpd8, Lffl (grazie mille, Roberto) or UbuntuLook, for mentioning some. So, from this blog, I would like to thank to all readers, those who just interested about the project and other ones who pointed some suggestions and changes for improving the desktop look and feel. Also would thanks to the crew, the Lubuntu and LXDE teams. And special thanks to Julien for believing in me all these years.

Thank you very much!


  1. Congrats! Please lubuntu's 11.10 panel has a thin white line, try to fix it.
    Please try to remove "LXDM" (maybe LightDM), is horrible for use, specially if you use remastersys, un maldito bug!.

    I'd wanna more suport for languages like Ubuntu (and try to improve the translations)

  2. Don't care, the "white line" has been removed. Well, get soft, because you need to leave some light contrast if you put your panel on bottom, aswell as a dark contrast line if you put it on top.

    LightDM theme is being developed (as you could read in the last post) and, if you get some news about Linux you'd probably knew that we're getting rid off GDM and LXDM.

  3. This is such a nice thing to hear! Congratulations to everybody that made this possible! =]

  4. Thank you, Gabriel. Yes, a lot of work, but you (and all users) has made the choices for some pieces of artwork, software, etc. So Lubuntu is as ours as yours!

  5. A new lubuntu based: CAIXA MÁGICA 16 LXDE:


  6. Did you like?


  7. Caixa Mágica posted. Thank you sooo much (another one for the collection). Moito Obrigado.

    Nice "Unity" interface.

    BTW, I love Rob (White) Zombie too. Specially when remixed.