Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ultimate Edition Lite 3

It has been released Ultimate Edition Lite, a known distro (already mentioned) based on Lubuntu (LXDE environment). As explained TheeMann:

What is Ultimate Edition Lite? Ultimate Edition Lite was built off Lubuntu, it is intended to be ran on low resource computers such as netbooks. Ultimate Edition Lite contains only the bare minimum, a browser, a music player and a few other tools. The desktop environment is LXDE / Openbox which has a look similar to Windows XP.


  1. Horrible, feo, ninguna aplicación nueva, propia, a mí no me gusta para nada UE.

  2. I dont like to see those "distros".. They just change the theme and the name... Nothing more.

  3. Yep, I don't want to say that they haven't work on them like us, but we made it easy for them making a remaster and publish.

    I think the people behind Lubuntu is making an incredible job and this effort is visible when comparing between distros.

  4. Yeah, but UE is ugly (Besides being without new features) and I believe nobody uses this :P