Sunday, August 14, 2011

WattOS R4

Another clone of Lubuntu has been presented on the Internet. It's called WattOS, remastered from an Ubuntu base and, according to its website, with all these features:

  • New music player changed to audacious with plugin for music stream searching - lightweight - codecs included.
  • Changed to VLC for video player
  • Changed to lightweight mail client sylpheed by default
  • Updated version of fotoxx photo editor
  • KeePassX password manager
  • xfce4 power manager 
  • Changed from Firefox to Chromium web browser - flash support already included.
  • Lots of other small tweaks and improvements


  1. The "artwork" is awful..logo too. Beyond Imitation, use Lubuntu.

  2. wattOS was actually around before lubuntu. It started in 2008, just has stayed small.

  3. Really, its development started earlier than Lubuntu one. But now has change its repositories (one for itself with one program) and is using the Lubuntu core ones, so now has become a derivative from Lubuntu Natty, not just by using LXDE on Ubuntu (you can do that with every distro) but using the same software except for the video player (selected VLC with additional QT libraries).

  4. Came first, who cares? Nobody ever used, for me, this project could die. R.I.P.

  5. While Lubuntu 10.4 worked on all my machines, the newer versions crash the xserver right when booting from livecd.
    So i tried WattOS R4 and everything works again. To me it seems WattOS does something right some other distros don't.

  6. WattOS is just perfect for those netbooks with a 4GB hard drive! It certainly has its place in the world of linux distros! Keep up the good work, wattOS guys! :-)