Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lubuntu 11.10 beta 2

Sure you already know that our "big brother" Ubuntu released the second beta for the Oneiric Ocelot version. So here goes the "little one" Lubuntu 11.10 beta 2. I just wanted to mention this like an echo of Julien Lavergne's announcement. And as he said, this is a beta, so remember:
  • okay, a lot of bugs were fixed
  • you may find theme (gtk3/lxpanel) improvements
  • but you could find new interface bugs (feedback appreciated)

but you can also find these (temporary) bugs:
  • include apt-xapian-index :
  • installer require 4.6 Gb of free space :
  • ubiquity broken icon switcher :
  • update icons on desktop for persitent mode broken :
  • firefox locales installed :
  • fallback icons on notification area broken : and
  • not able to install virtualbox drivers after installation from desktop ISO :
  • entries with "Lubuntu" are not translated on the boot menu on any ISO:

You will find it here. Happy testing!

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