Friday, March 09, 2012

Linux Mint 12 LXDE

According to its website, "this is the first release of Linux Mint using Hybrid ISO images.

Traditionally, tools such as 'Startup Disk Creator' or 'UNetbootin' were needed to install Linux Mint via USB. With hybrid images, you can simply use the "dd" command or a graphical frontend to make a bootable USB stick with no efforts which acts exactly like a liveDVD".

Linux Mint 12 LXDE is based on Ubuntu 11.10, with kernel 3 and LXDE 0.5.0 customized as the usual greenish theme. You can download Mint here and see the new features here.


  1. Great news but I prefer Lubuntu as my main system ;)

  2. Well, it's a question of taste, I guess. But you can't deny Mint is a well designed OS.

    Anyway, I'll allways prefer a pure Ubuntu based system, for ovbious reasons.

  3. 'For obvious reasons'

    Those reasons being? You need to explain yourself when you make statements like this. What's so obvious?

  4. Because I'm an Ubuntu member :D

    Sorry if you understood I'm trolling despective comments. It wasn't my intention. Sometimes I think this situation is so obvious and well known.

    My apologies if this offended you.

  5. Mint LXDE is totally Crap, just a Relinux! Lubuntu Rocks