Sunday, April 01, 2012

Commodore shipped with Lubuntu

A new / old device has been rescued from memory: the Commodore 64k has been resurrected, now with a new revamped motherboard and a lot of improvements. One of the most important changes within this computer is the include of our beloved Lubuntu operating system, lihtly adapted for this hardware (included tape compatibility among other tweaks). The computer name is C64 Datassette, and is a size reduced mobile computer equipped with wi-fi, bluetooth, a 12 hour power battery and a MicroSD card slot.

You can check more specifications and prices here.


  1. heh, well you may have posted this as an April fools joke but its actually true, has been for quite a few months now if not longer.

    The new C64x and Commodore OS are based on Ubuntu and have the emulator with all old hardware supported but new motherboard etc, just as you describe :)

  2. But not with tape drive :D

  3. Bet I could fit a mini-itx in that c64 tape drive - maybe a raspi!