Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trisquel Mini 5.5 Brigantia

Celtic power arrives to our computers! It has been released Trisquel 5.5 Mini edition, with LXDE environment, and based on Linux-Libre (under the GNU Free Software Foundation); sorry, only Gnome screenshot. Brigantia ships with Midori as web browser, Empathy, Sylpheed, Transmission and XChat; Abiword and ePDFReader for the office, SimpleScan and mtPaint for the graphics, Gnome MPlayer and XFBurn for multtimedia, etc. Also, it's included Gigolo (from XFCE) for performing connections and mounting remote filesystems. You can download it here.


  1. See this video review ;)

  2. Trisquel was my first OS when migrating from Wiondows to Linux.

    For its purposes, it is a very good distro.

    Understand, however, that its use of an open-source flash plug-in makes streaming video problematic on many websites. YouTube would be an exception.