Monday, May 14, 2012

Liberté Linux 2012.1

Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight and easy to use Gentoo-based LiveUSB/SD/CD Linux distribution with the primary purpose of enabling anyone to communicate safely and covertly in hostile environments. Whether you are a privacy advocate, a dissident, or a sleeper agent, you are equally likely to find Liberté Linux useful as a mission-critical communication aid. Downloads and more information about installation on virtualized systems here.


  1. Honestly what does this have to do with Lubuntu or the Ubuntu Community and why are you allowing content like this on Planet Ubuntu?

  2. Because of two reasons. One is that all environments I publish of are LXDE. Another thing is that I believe that Planet Ubuntu is having some help and feedbaack from other Linux communities, like Gentoo or Arch (which were the ones who solved some GTK3 problems a few months ago).

    So I don't think the different distros are lonely islands around here, but they're part of the same goal: Linux. Ubuntu is just the best and easy option (under my opinion, of course) for the end user.

    Another reason to mention some others is the software included in that releases, that possibly will be included (or used) in Ubuntu, like Wayland project is (developed for Fedora, OpenSuSE and now Ubuntu).

    But, anyway, you're right in one thing. If this blog is getting specialized more and more in Lubuntu things, these articles will finally disappear.