Friday, June 01, 2012

LibreOffice speed update

Yesterday, the LibreOffice Foundation, posted about a really important update of his office solution suite. For every Linux user (including Lubuntu users who installed this) is highly recommendable to upgrade. The goal is achieving up to a 100% speed improvement. It's indicated for low hardware spec computers and those who use Lubuntu as primary OS, specially when managing big files. To update up to the version 3.5.4 you'll need to add the PPA, using a terminal, and do the magic:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Read the full article at Linux Today.

[21:47 EDIT]

Thanks, Jason (see comments), for inspiring me to be more clear when posting. So here are my replies:

  • is not the official web for the suite, just a blog portal for news. The Document Foundation (owners of this fork) is who published the update. You can read the article. They are the makers of the suite
  • About the percentage, it's obvious. Normaly you can afford an improvement of a 5 or 10%, but this time, speed was increased a 100% PLUS over the current loading speed, thus the resulting overall performance may be up to a 200%
  • About the PPA, well, this repository is maintained by those who later (after testing a few days) will upload to the general catalog of Ubuntu. So, if you don't trust this PPA, you don't trust Ubuntu coders. This is not a nightly, daily or testing PPA, it's a release one

I think I've been clear enough. I'd never post nothing without verification. Or is this comment a troll itself?


  1. Is this a troll?

    1) 100% speed improvement would mean everything happens instantly.

    2) No mention of this is made on LibreOffice's website.

    My recommendation, DO NOT INSTALL THIS PPA, there is no reason to trust it.

  2. LOL! 100% Speed improvement means it takes half the time to load.

  3. Assuming all other things to be true, the percentages are still misstated in a big way.

    Lets say LibreOffice used to take 10 seconds to load, a 100% improvement in loading speed would mean it now loads instantly. 100% of 10 seconds is 10 seconds, and the laughable 200% you now claim would mean the software loaded a full 10 seconds before you even asked it to load.

  4. Well, really yes. If speed increased by thw whle value, insted of 10 secs it will load in only 5. But talking about percentages without upper and lower (assuming 0) bounds is really stupid. I'm half agree with you.

  5. The article says:

    100% performance gains when opening large files (depending on operating system, hardware configuration and file contents).

    Its time to learn to quote.

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  7. 100% speed improvement means things happen twice as fast as before. Thus, they take half as long as before. 10 seconds would be reduced to 5 seconds.

  8. Me funcionó. El cambio fue evidente. Gracias por la información. Saludos.

    It works very good for me. I'm using Libreoffice on Lubuntu 13.10.