Monday, June 11, 2012

LXPanel 0.5.10

Updates from LXDE blog:

Some weeks ago we gave you 0.5.9, this time some changes has been made to the plugins distributed with LXPanel and thus we put a new version for your feets. Given the translation status in this release a new version is very probably coming out soon as most languages did not get their strings to 100% done.

And the best, automatically passed through the GIT to the Ubuntu general repos., so this time you don't have to wait. Also, small updates on PCManFM and its libraries also happened today. Great news, indeed. Thanks, brother, for the info.


  1. This update works better than 0.5.9, it would not work until i restarted. 0.5.10 worked just with a logout/login

  2. And there're PCManFM updates too that you'll find speedy and fluid! ;)

  3. I think Lxpanel is good enough for most people. Very easy to configure. I once read about a user who wanted to erase the panel in the top. Someone taught the hard way by changing the configuration file. The easy way is to "configuration panel - advanced - property" and do not select "reserve space". The settings are easy and lxpanel does not leave anyone in the dust.


  4. Just adding... first need to reduce the width 0%