Monday, July 02, 2012

Quantal UI Improvements

The Lubuntu Artwork Team is not sleeping. We're getting some UI revamped elements, improving the current theme and getting it to a higher level. Among the icon theme (being exhaustely developed), the GTK2 / GTK3 themes had been redesigned (for both looking better and integrate between them). Look how the PCManFM's toolbar look now:

Also, I'd like to remember to any reader and user that the Wallpaper Contest is still open and we accept submissions. Create a wallpaper and we will include it on the Quantal distro. Remember, you could be famous! Check it out at Flickr.


Pierre Gobin said...

Great !

Are there pre-versions for the artwork and the icon pack to download anywhere ?

礁湖神癒 said...

Not yet. It's under revision by the others team members. But in a few days I'll upload to the wiki, so stay tuned :)


Pierre Gobin said...

Ok, thanks !

I am quite impatient to discover the new interface :)

Anonymous said...

It already looks great. Hopefully the Window buttons will be again clickable at the bottom of the screen

Marc said...

Looks great and even better because the UI is in Catalan! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

New icons!!! Yayyyy!!!

Juergen said...

If you need wallpapers, check:

There are many underwater pictures, macros and so on. All under CC BY-NC-SA and I do mention there that non commercial distributions are more then welcome to use them.