Thursday, September 12, 2013

And the winner is...

The poll has come to an end and we have five new wallpapers for
Lubuntu 13.10. We had a total of 1699 unique voters that picked their
5 favourite wallpapers (= 8495 votes), here are the winning

1. Muelle by Manuel Puentes with 1261 Votes (15%)
2. Two Jack Lake by C Ayers with 1050 Votes (12%)
3. A Winter Magic by Luciash D'Being with 1033 Votes (12%)
4. Smolikas by George Blades Voulgarakis with 923 Votes (11%)
5. Moody by Robert Wicek with 813 Votes (10%)

Congratulations! (Complete result summary can be viewed HERE)

Muelle, by Manuel Puentes

I personally want to thank everyone that in any form made a
contribution to this contest - competitors, voters, promoters,
everyone. Also, a big thank you goes to Guillaume Le Roy who once
again helped us host our contest at Picomp - a great tool
and service of his that we've used for several contests now.

Next contest will be held sometime in March and will decide our
default wallpapers for Lubuntu 14.04!


  1. I voted too and only one of my voted wallpapers didn't made it into the top 5 so i'm happy with the contest results. On another subject i'm trying to get xcompmgr to work on my netbook Lubuntu but adding @xcompmgr -n to the autostart file in /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu-Netbook/autostart fails but on my desktop /Lubuntu/autostart it works. The netbook graphics are Intel and the desktop is Nvidia and Cairo works fine on Nvidia but crashes on Intel even with OpenGL disabled... I gave up on having a dock in my netbook untill 13.10 comes out and i try again. But why won't it work on the damned Intel graphics? :) Sorry for commenting on this here but i'm angry with this issue. Lubuntu should have compositing pre-enabled as XFCE does and i could change to XFCE in that netbook but i really love LXDE... Have a great day!

  2. Sorry i forgot to tell you that i've also installed compton using your ppa repository in this blog but the thing is both compton and xcompmgr WORK fine. But Lubuntu won't autostart neither of them by adding @compton -n or @xcompmgr -n to the autostart. You have to Run them from the menu or terminal. This only happens with Intel graphics. I will change to XFCE in my netbook if they don't fix this and the Software Updater appearing ALL THE TIME even if you select NEVER (look for updates) on the updater settings. Again this is on Lubuntu only. I have Ubuntu and won't happen. These bugs were reported more than once. Sorry again for commenting here. Maybe you have a workaround but i'll keep going through the Forums...

  3. The autostart issue is a known problem. Already tested and being repaired. Try, in the meanwhile, to start your apps here:


    ...and put a @ before the command lines.


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