Saturday, September 21, 2013


Brought to you by WOW Lubuntu starting from 8th of April 2013, StartUbuntu (created by amjjawad) is a huge project and a massive campaign that is aiming to reach to Microsoft Windows XP Users and offering them a modern, unique, stable, fast, powerful, highly customizable, active and amazing community based system, open-source, free Linux-based system which should replace their very old no longer supported system. Start Ubuntu is simply offering NOT ONLY one "replacement" for Windows XP, but 9 options, 9 alternatives, 9 Operating Systems - Please see Ubuntu Family.

You can grab the artwork for your favourite flavour here. Join and explore a new space!


  1. Good poster! Maybe it will better to add a slogan like: "14.04.: with Lubuntu further to the stars" or so on…

  2. Let's make some room (space) first :D

    I'm glad you like it. Which flavour did you get?

  3. The small improvement I would like to see is making the image an image map (which can be done quite easily in GIMP)
    This way each planet could have a link to the home page of the distribution. Some people are very visual, and want to click the picture and discover the differences from the picture (tl;dr), though some people like to read the whole page.

    Also having the `title ="" ` part say something descriptive as well as the name could be very useful for new users..
    title ="Lubuntu: Make your old computer incredible"
    or something like that.

  4. Excellent project! Will do my best to spread it across the web. And "make your old computer incredible" is actually a very cool slogan! I'm sure you'll get tons of cooperation on this one. Thanks for this work to the computer users (and not only Linux) community. Great idea!