Friday, October 18, 2013

Saucy Salamander is out!

Finally the day arrived. New ISOs for every model of architecture are available. I updated the downloads section where you can grab the new Lubuntu Saucy Salamander with all these improvements (among others not so visible):

  • LightDM using a simple GTK+ greeter
  • Firefox as the new web browser for Lubuntu 13.10
  • new version of PCManFM and libfm including a built-in search utility
  • artwork improvements, new wallpapers, community wallpapers and icons
  • removed Catfish since PCManFM has its own search utility
  • fixed a very old bug causing GNOME MPlayer to crash with some CPUs
  • several fixes for the GPicView image viewer

Go to downloads section and get it for free now!


  1. Well, browser and filemanager. Practically, Pcmanfm is new. You can open almost everything (I open my phone via smb and ftp protocols) and improved security (4 bugs fixed on this). LightDM has a radically different behaviour and removed other three media-related bugs (one which caused CPU getting hot).

    Beta 1 changes:

    Beta 2 changes:

  2. My sudo -y dist-upgrade went without any problem and it took 1 hour to upgrade via 25 mbps Wi-Fi. So far no bugs but I wish they wouldn't reinstall the software that we removed such as Abiword (I use Libre Office Writer) and others... Got good feedback from sharing on Google+ PcmanFM is also much better now.

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  5. Thanks for this Lubuntu Saucy Salamander download, have a great day