Friday, November 29, 2013

Restyling Box

Arriving to version 0.43, we found the inspiration (or the need) to revisit the current icon theme. Just a few retouches here and there, a lot of (colour) improvements and (grid) adjustments, returned a refreshed air on all folders and related glyphs, and an overall smoothing look. Now the theme is a bit more sharp than before, and sure more clear for reading in small and big screens. Here's the sample:

Also, if you use any dock (docky, plank,  or you just use a huge lxPanel) you'll notice the completed new sizes. If you have installed Lubuntu 13.10 don't worry, updates will arrive in a few weeks.


  1. Sorry guys, I prefer the before icons, much easier to make out...

  2. Well, I prefer the new ones which are brighter, more vivid and detailed.

    I think Lubuntu can use more bright, vivid colors. Dim blue on an old computer screen makes me feel depressed.

    I also think the right-bottom logo in each icon can be darker to have more contrast and visibility.

  3. I prefer the new one, good work. keep it up

  4. Anonymous and Anonymous :P were right. A bit contrast would make more clear the emblems. I'll increase it a bit, but not too much, because making it too dark makes the folder overly cluttered.

    Thanks for your oppinion, it's important, as you see :)

  5. I really like that, the new ones. Good work!

  6. These new icons arrived yesterday on my Lubuntu system with the Lubuntu Art PPA.

    They look very nice. But I agree, a bit more contrast would be
    appreciable ;)