Sunday, February 16, 2014

Community wallpaper contest

Now it's time to you to prove that you're an artist. Please, feel free to join us at Flickr and upload your creation. The best 5 will become part of Lubuntu 14.04 distro. You can read the rules (the obvious, no violence, no offensive symbols, no trademarks, etc. just your art) and join here.


  1. Genial! ¿cuándo se liberará Lubuntu 14.04 LTS? gracias :)

  2. Estas son las fechas que yo tengo:

    Alpha 1: 19 de diciembre
    Alpha 2: 23 de enero
    Beta 1: 27 de febrero
    Beta Final: 27 de marzo
    Release Candidate: 10 de abril
    Versión final 14.04 LTS: 17 de abril

    No queda tanto ;)