Monday, March 24, 2014

PCManFM actions

PCManFM is the default file & desktop manager for Lubuntu. It's a simple and fast file manager, but its simplicity is now enhanced by providing us the unlimited power of customized actions, like other file managers (Nautilus, Thunar, etc). For that purpose I made another Trips and Tricks section, called Actions.

This feature (available on recent versions of PCManFM and Lubuntu 14.04) will allow you to do virtually everything, like converting MP3 to OGG, MP4 to AVI, compress a JPEG, reduce a PDF size, send a file via bluetooth, etc. For now only a couple of actions are included for now. If you made nice actions, please share with us and the entire world sending them. I'll add them to the list, and we hope it gets bigger and more complete. Share!


  1. Yes, it's only available on recent versions of PĈManFM. And Lubuntu 14.04 will ship this version. It's a new feature.

  2. Good but Lubuntu shared with XP (in the same system) is still slower than XP.

  3. Have you tweaked XP or something? Because I have XP installed in a partition and I feel Lubuntu faster by far. But I guess it depends on systems and personal configurations.

  4. PCManFM is terrific! Although I'm not using Lubuntu anymore (I have twice in the past) I always grab PCManFM and use it as my main filemanager.

    One odd thing: I'm still using 0.9.10 in spite of having installed from PPA. I used "" (according to apt-cache policy), maintained by gilir. Its most recent version is still 0.9.10-ubuntu2. Should I be using a different PPA? or can I just upate from these files? (I feel happier using PPA!) Thanks!

  5. P.s. @Azrael5 when I have used Lubuntu, it has run significantly faster than XP on the same machine. Much, much faster. You must have quite a special XP setup! ;)

  6. @David. Don't grab packages from apt sources. You already have them just using "apt-get" :)

    Use this PPA is you want to use the latest version of PCManFM (1.2.0, so you could use the actions feature). Open a Terminal and paste these 3 commands:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-daily
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    BTW, I used PCManFM too with Openbox a lot of time ago. It's the best file manager out there, considering its size.

  7. Amazing! asombroso, simplemente asombroso (como diría Papa Smurf xD) ... ahora se podría crear una acción para comprimir archivos en un zip con diferente extensión (e.g. Compress ZIP as XPI) o generar miniaturas a partir de una imagen (Build thumbnails) o unir archivos en caso de descargar por partes un video (Join files).. no sé si ya se podía hacer esto en otros file managers, pero me he quedado gratamente sorprendido ^^
    Greetings Rafael!

  8. @Rafael - thanks for that! Oddly, although a lot of things did get updated with "dist-upgrade" (libfm-data libfm-gtk-data libmenu-cache1 linux-firmware linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-libc-dev lxshortcut), two packages were "held back": contractor and pcmanfm! :( Any thoughts? Thanks again!

  9. It's normal having a held package. It means that installing it implies removing something else, or a "big" system change. Try removing it with Synaptic (be careful with this) and reinstall again.

    About the massive upgrade, it's normal too. This PPA contains packages with more upgrades than you have installed, so don't worry, your system is up to date.

  10. Linux Mint has a nice addition on their file manager.
    Format USB stick.

    I know you can format a USB stick with Gparted, but especially for a new user it is a handy feature

    Kind regards
    Jan Holtman

  11. @çoulik.jan, we don't use GParted (except while in setup mode). Lubuntu uses Disks, an easier tool to handle hard drives or whatever. Also, I think it's more beautiful :)

  12. I know Lubuntu uses disks. true.
    I tried Linux Mint once and I found the USB formatter to be very handy especially for people like me that have recently made the jump from XP to Linux

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  16. In some circumstances Lubuntu is faster in others is slower than XP.
    It's better in HTML5 videos quality by chromium supporting full hardware acceleration (because of kernel and above all mesa drivers matching all distros).
    Slower in mouse pointer speed although I configured it to max value;
    Problems I have using Lubuntu:
    1) resuming from suspend makes impossible to access lan, sometimes video resolution is not recognizable (screen appears pixelled) I assume this problem depends on kernel (3.15 kernel should fix it;
    2) notify taskbar: 2 identical lan icons appeared side by side (after resuming from S3 state or some system errors?);
    3) I've wrongly deleted disk manager icon from menù, I cannot try a way to add it newly;
    4) to get suspend by keyboard button I've to run suspend controller on menù 2 times then off menù appears using keyboard button (enabling suspend from default programs utility is useless).

    It seems strange but Fedora appears to be more responsiveness and faster on opening programs and utilities... (because partially using of wayland graphical server?) but Fedora has problems to detect rightly analog audio (it appears only as digital).