Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trusty Tahr β2

Almost there! A new beta has been released at the mirrors, Lubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr beta 2. You already know all the stuff: a few improvements, updated packages, lots of fixes, etc. Look, we were busy:

  • pcmanfm 1.2.0 (folder settings, dual pane view, menu editing)
  • artwork (new icons, theme update, more compatibilities)
  • new interface for lxsession-default-apps
  • firefox fixings

But still beta, remember. Don't use in a productive system. Download ISOs from here. Read the release notes here. The schedule calendar is here.


  1. Genial! descargando para probar :D

  2. Good work Rafael, but there is a strange bug. If I use the software-manager to update, the system do not ask for the root password.
    (14.04 x86, in daily, beta1, beta2)

  3. Thank you very much for all of your work. I have Lubuntu on my laptop, my office desktop (even though it has Core i7, 24 GB RAM, etc.), my parents' laptop, and my girlfriend's laptop. It makes me happy that people invest their time into making the world a better place by creating such a wonderful OS.

  4. @Anonymous #1: It's very strange. I have Beta 2 installed (a fresh install) and it works fine. It asks me for passwords everytime I install something. Try clean some residual config files at your home fodler (.gnome2, .gnome2_private, .gconf, .config, .ssh) mand try again. Be careful, you may erase some credentials for an app (like a browser, so you'll need to re-enter your password).

    @Anonymous #2: Thank you very much. This is why we do, because of your satisfaction. We get paid this way ;)

  5. @Rafael. First thank you very much for your great work, I love lubuntu. I helped many of my friends which switched from XP to lubuntu in the last months and they are very satisfied and happy.

    I have Beta 2 (14.04 32-bit) installed on my testing machine (fresh install with no other software and no prop. drivers). Very fast & stable.
    But there is maybe a little issue:
    Normally I use synaptic/terminal for updates and everythings works fine, but when I use the software updater (update-manager)the system do not ask for the root password. Can you confirm this?

    By the way the new version of PCmanFm ist great (e.g. Dual Pane mode), also the new artwork looks fine.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Well, this is odd. Did it happen when you just started the system? Remember that some memory apps retain superuser passwords for a while (usually 5 minutes) or at anytime?

    Did you remove the root password using the app SeaHorse (Keys and Passwords)?

  7. @Rafael. Thx for your quick reply and for your help.
    The issue with the update-manager happened anytime.
    No, I am not using SeaHorse.
    I have not change anything of the primary beta2 installation.
    It is very odd, isn't it?

    By the way a friend of mine have the same issue. He did a upgrade from 13.10 via terminal with "update-manager -d". Everythings works fine after rebooting. But when he use the software-updater the update-manager requires no root pw.

  8. @Frank, you should ask Mailing Lists (you must join the lists), they may help better than us. Have a look here:

    I must recognize it's beyond my skills ;)

  9. just tried b2 on Acer A110 netbook, found a few issues right away:

    selected region GB during install and it worked, but after rebooting had reverted to US. when trying to find settings for GB, i got a complicated dbus error which i was unable to capture as PrtScrn key doesn't work.

    i need to find way to control the fan i had to do this years ago forgotten how! otherwise seems ok. graphics (i915 i think) much faster than 10.04. thanks.

    where's the default log viewer? am i being thick? :)

  10. It happened tom me too, it switched to en_US at the login screen, but once changedto en_GB it worked perfectly, and it was permanent. Anywayre use the keyboard applet (next to the clock) to adjust it.

    About the fan control, I have no idea, sorry. It's beyond my grades ;) But there's a website where you may get help:

  11. thanks Rafael. it says GB on the login screen but the keyboard applet doesn't give me any options other than US.

    this is my 1st time using LXDE.

    The options are very confusing. under Preferences i have 4 that look related:
    Input Method, Keyboard and Mouse, Keyboard Input Methods, Language Support The last one shows UK installed. but none of them give me option to correct my keyboard layout?! if i right click and go to Keyboard Layout Handler, the relevant part is greyed out. i'm guessing this is needing sudo (?) how would average user be able to solve this?

    I checked the system logs by installing gnome-system-log. this should be included by default imho, it's small and has no dependencies?


  12. btw the RAM usage is incredibl(y good).. just 72MB with a desktop loaded and no big apps, also 1% cpu. my ancient Android phone uses 3x that.

    unfortunately modern web browsers don't work so well with 512MB but that's hardly ur fault :p

    no OSD when changing volume? bit weird! hotkeys work though.

    Intel SNA by default means HD H264 is far better (probably XBMC too?), not sure if hardware mode should work for flash though haven't tried that either yet.

  13. Language support install languages and dictionaries to your system and apps.

    Input method is a wizard to configure all quickly.

    Keyboard Input Methods (KIM) lets you choose what kind of writing you want (keyboard, mostly) and you must activate and select what you installed on Language Support.

    Keyboard and Mouse just configures the repetition and delay of keys (something physical).

    It may be confusing sometimes but once you get used is sompler than Windows ;)

  14. You should try QupZilla. It's really incredibly fast, and its QT dependencies are little. Another option is Epiphany Browser. Both are in the Software Center.

    And no, you're right, we can't controll the browsers and their "evolution". That's why we try to light the system, it will be loaded with apps.

  15. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 Beta 2 first but then I realized that my hardware is is no longer capable of running Unity. So I installed the lubuntu-desktop.

    How do I remove the ubuntu-dektop including all its deps and Unity and all it deps.

  16. i found out how to autostart the power manager, its a checkbox under Preferences > Default applications > Autostart. odd that this isnt on by default? needed for laptops!

    btw i first tried adding @xfce4-power-manager to /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart but doesn't seem to do anything, how should we autostart things like this please?
    still can't get keyboard layout to GB sorry perhaps for same reason :/

  17. @Alex, power manager is working for me. Sorry, I can't test on a laptop, but it works. As you said, you must add "xfce4-power-manager" with the "add" button. Be sure that "settings" are "config-only". And use "xfce4-power-manager-settings" (or look for it in the menu) and choose always show icon.

    About the language, mine is working fine now. Be sure your ~/.pam_environment doesn have nothing odd (like en_CA or something). And be sure that "Language Support" has your preferred language on top.