Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lubuntu 14.04

First of all, my apologies for disappear due to personal reasons (went out for a few days). But it's here, Lubuntu 14.04 codename Trusty Tahr. The missing links for PowerPC machines have been recovered. Feel free to go to the Downloads section and grab it. If you need more info check the release page.


  1. Thanks for all the efforts ! I have Lubuntu 14 04 on my old laptop and it works great..

  2. I'm glad to hear that. Thank you very much for your feedback ;)

  3. gracias por el trabajo y el esfuerzo pero el 14.04 tiene muchas cosas que pulir aun, por ejemplo si intentas personalizarlo al usar el esquema de colores, cambia los colores pero el cambio no permanece, menos mal que tengo el 13.10 en otro disco duro...
    me encanta el blog y lubuntu

  4. Tricks and Tips for Lubuntu 14.04 please :-)

  5. Unity is a piece of crap. I am a Linux user for more than 10 years and I am disappointed by the removal of GNOME 2 from the new LTS. I did four upgrades since 10.04 -- only one worked -- then I had to re-install. Now I'm tired of this. I'm switching bad to Debian.

    I hate the way how Ubuntu tries to push its own features (Unity and Ubuntu One) to end users. At first it was annoying. At last it was disappointing. If you tried so hard to push Ubuntu One to users, why did you cancel it? If you want to improve user experience, why do you push Unity but remove GNOME 2? You should know that Unity rarely worked on my dual-monitor. What should I do? I have to switch back to Debian.

    Disappointed. I'm copying 40GB of my data to DropBox so that I can format this piece of crap. To be fair, Ubuntu used to be the best Linux distribution a few years ago. The nightmare started with Unity, which I think is poorly made. The worst thing is you force it to users. That is really bad attitude..

  6. @Pengcheng, I'll try to answer by order:

    1. Unity is technologically superior to any environment out there. The creation of HUD makes you retake the concept of desktop metaphor. I'm an old Linux user too, and I have no problem. It was Gnome itself who removed Gnome2, not Canonical, so blaim them.

    2. Yes, Ubuntu implements new features (LXDE / LXQT desktop is new, for example). But you have the option to choose whatever you want, unlike Apple you have access to the biggest repository of free software, so choose your own. Also, Unity works even in my crappy old K7 computer.

    3. Calling crap something people is working hard is not very kind from you. You may dislike and not use it, but if you're an "expert" Linux user, you should know what kind of technology you're using.

    Another question is, why are you copying so many GB of data? Didn't you make a home partition that is suitable tu be used by another Linux? If you're a pro user you should know the way partitions work. I changed so many Linux OSes I can't remember, but always keeping my Dropbox / personal data intact. You're wasting your time.

  7. Why complain about Unity on the Lubuntu blog? Just switch to Lubuntu instead of going back to Debian!

  8. Fatih HazretleriApril 29, 2014 7:48 pm

    Can't change the theme colors anymore.(you can change colors but no effect). So I can't use dark themes. What the hell?

  9. It is working. I have Trusty Tahr without any 3rd party themes and it works. Have a look:

    You can colorize whatever you want.

  10. Fatih HazretleriApril 29, 2014 9:58 pm

    Oh. Sorry about that. I done some tick-untick. Now it is working.

  11. Hi, where I can get 1404-lubuntu-logo.png from distro 14.04 in .svg format?
    I need it for my panel witn height 35 px.

  12. > Pengcheng Chen

    Why don't you switch to many alternatives such as Lubuntu, Xubuntu or even Linux Mint Cinamon?

    And you're wining like a six-year-old brat but has never contributed to design something better. Linux doesn't require a high-performance machine but a decent brain for sure. What puzzles me is that you're complaining about Unity on Lubuntu blog...

  13. @Abbat, you can take the official logos from the Marketing wiki page:

    You'll need Inkscape to modify them. The button accepts the SVG format too, not only PNG. Have fun ;)

  14. Been using Lubuntu since 10.04 and I have to say I'm disappointed in this release...very disappointed.

    I could be nice and lie about how everything is working but it's not...

    There are a TON of problems for a stable release and I hope the developers of Lubuntu address these or at least the ones that they can do something about (I understand not all these bugs can be dealt with) Exclamation points will be used for urgent bugs.

    ! - No nm-applet in panel

    ! - Right clicking applications in LxMenu has either not shown a menu or the Add To Desktop/Properties buttons for applications do not do anything

    ! - Directory Menu in LxPanel is broken, it does not function (only there for show)

    ! - You cannot change default applications from PCManFM or from the new Default Application manager, neither do anything they are there for show.

    ! - Changing default applications in the Default Application manager resets your themes to default.

    - PCManFm's Trash changes your mouse threshold, right clicking for example clicks right away to restore...very annoying.

    - Trash has broken elements, for example root files such as the default mouse cursors cannot be permanently deleted nor restored. Sudo PCManFM does not have any trash to restore or delete on top of that.

    - Cannot type in Chromium with Ibus loaded

    - Synaptic no longer opens with Gksu as it should

    - PCManFM removed the very important feature of opening folders with root access...why? We know how to do it with a terminal already, it was a convenience feature that made the file manager great.

    - Steam cannot install on Ubuntu 14.04 derivatives with proprietary graphics drivers as well for some reason although this problem is unrelated to you.

    Also why does Volumed-Notify all of a sudden need Pulse Audio to install? I know it works fine with ALSA why have the dependencies changed?

    I haven't even been using Lubuntu 14.04 for 2 days now and I've ran into all these and maybe more...I'm extremely upset this has to be your worst release since 10.10 I believe which was also extremely buggy. Unfortunately this is suppose to be a STABLE RELEASE, so why is everything so buggy now?

    You would think you wouldn't release this Default Application Manager in a LTS release without properly testing it, but you guys did and it doesn't doesn't do anything for that matter really, there was nothing wrong with PCManFM's way of dealing with default applications.

    I sincerely hope all of these problems are fixed soon in a hotfix of some kind, most of these bugs are completely unacceptable in a functional operating system and noobies who are switching to Linux from Windows XP to YOUR distro are going to HATE their experience.

  15. I'm sad to hear how many problems you have. But okay, let's by order:

    1. nm-applet does not load automatically, you're right. Just put it on autostart and solved.

    2. Right-click in LXMenu works:

    3. Directory menu applet works:

    4. You can change default paps from PCManFM:

    5. Changing default apps should not affect a GTK module, they're diferent libraries.

    6. Trash restore is working fine, except for the desktop, and does not affect my mouse either.

    7. Trash behaviour does not depend on LXDE at all. You can have these troubles using Gnome. That happens when trashed files has "odd" attributes.

    8. Yes, Google browser have a bug over iBus. It's being revisited (by Google, of course).

    9. Synaptic asks for permissions without any trouble:

    10. PCManFM removed "open as root" because of security reasons, all is explained here about get this feature and lots more:

    11. Steam isn't really our problem.

    Before getting all these problems and report them, please, ensure that you deleted all your old config files if you want to enjoy a fresh and functional system. Sometimes a residual config file may turn crazy your OS.

  16. Someone reported here recently that 14.04 update-manager no longer asks for a password. I experience the same issue (clean install, cleaned config files). It seems that they made this the default behaviour in Ubuntu a few years ago:
    Has this now carried over to Lubuntu as well?

  17. I'm having issues with the color scheme. It doesn't stick. I have tried it several times and rebooted multiple times. Everything just remains the default. I'm not using any third party themes.

    The screen shot shows that it looks like it is changed, but when I check on the "start menu" the color change isn't there. Please help, thank you.

  18. Rafael you have a different system than I do, I have a clean install of the system on here so it must be hardware or something. But from a fresh install I was experiencing all the problems listed. Yes I have the same thing as your screenshot however none of those things do anything, they're just for show. It has no function, which is the problem. The default application is the biggest one that bothers me, I'm probably going to have to go into xdg-open and set all of them manually. Hopefully 14.10 is better, I've loved pretty much all Lubuntu releases because of the experience I've had with it working and working well.

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  20. I believe the bug with the default applications may have something to do with not giving me root access by default in PCManFM. And because the /home/.local/share/applications/mime-list which holds the default applications is set as root it won't let me change it without being root. I just set myself as root and changed it we'll see if it works with a reboot I guess.

    I'll report these on Github or somewhere with the appropriate fixes.

    Also about Synaptic asking for password, using gksu looks much more professional and clean than a prompt like that. And it's already on Lubuntu regardless so IDK why this was changed either.

  21. Here's what happens I try to change the default application, changing it in root or adding it to the mimelist doesn't work for me.

  22. Weird that you have such attributes within a .local/share folder. Fixing attributes fies the problem?

  23. Hello,
    on my cubietruck (armv7) I installed Lubuntu and then I was able to dist-upgrade to 13.10 and then 14.04.
    Now it is two weeks that there are no updates (apt-get update + apt-get upgrade).
    Is it ok or do I have to check anything? Where is a link to an arm v7 repo so that I can see if any update has been released for lubuntu 14.04?

  24. You don't have upgrades because update-manager doesn't run properly. Add the Staging PPA and everything will fix. Instructions here:

  25. I installed Lubuntu Server, not desktop edition.
    I think direct apt-get commands don't interact with update-manager, correct?

  26. In reference to an earlier post, I just installed Lubuntu 14.04 in an old Dell P4 with 1 gig of memory & I have the same issue with the directory menu. It shows up on the panel, all the selections are there but when I try to open a file...nothing. Other then that, system runs great.

  27. @Ljon, it's odd. It should work. You can erase your .config/lxpanel data to make sure it's clean. But you will loose your settings. Maybe not worth it.

  28. Rafael, I removed .config/lxpanel, but directory menu still not working correctly. Will probably try a fresh download and reinstall. Thanks for the help.

  29. I'm sad I can't help you better. Please, try a fresh install and if your problems continue, please, be so kind to collect more data (maybe some screenshots) and I'll try to look after your request.

    Independtly, you always can appeal to the mailing lists, where perhaps another user suffered your annoyance. Here the links (pretty self-explanatory):

  30. I reinstalled, updated & added the staging PPA. I also added the madebits package for right click actions in pcmanfm. I now have even more issues. They all seem to be centered around pcmanfm.
    1. The directory menu issue is still there. It looks just like your screenshot, but when I click to open a file, still nothing happens.
    2. When I try to set an "open with" preference, it opens it with my preference, but it does not stick even though I tick the box to make it default. I even tried changing the preference in the default applications app, but it still goes back to the original setting, i.e. firefox to open a text file.
    3. Last but not least and this is a strange one, when I right click a file in pcmanfm the menu does not stay open unless I hold down the mouse button, drag it over to the selection and release in order to get it to work. This only happens on the lower half of the screen.. strange.
    At this point I think that this new version of Lubuntu just doesn't like my machine (older versions worked great) & will try something else. But thank you for trying to help & maybe at the next point release I will give it another go.

  31. 1. and 2. The preferences are stored in your .config/pcmanfm folder. Make sure you're owner of that folder (sometimes permissions change in Linux and get protected). Use the "sudo chown ljon -R .config/pcmanfm" command.

    3. Call an exorcist. That issue on the half of your screen is something I've never seen :O

  32. I have downloaded and burned 14.04 on several discs, checked them on two different machines, and everytime I when I run the "check disk for errors" I get an error that there is one bad file.

    Perhaps your x86 iso is corrupted?

  33. @Todd, it's not my ISO, I just point the link to it. It's stored in, Ubuntu's mirrors, and those images are being checked daily (with checksums) and mirrored, compared and tested by the mirror robots.

    I'll test the i386 ISO anyway searching for defects, but I can (almot) guarantee that the disc images are fine. Have you tried to burn with another computer / burner?