Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Ubuntu One shutting down

Ubuntu One is about to close. Canonical can't continue offering this service anymore. This is really annoying to all of us, who trusted in their (excellent, by the way) service, the high transfer ratio and the space. But for this blog this can be awful, because all the links in this site are pointing to files hosted in this service, and now I have to migrate all of them.

I'd like to apologize for advance if any link may be unavailable, it'll be temporary. I'll ask for your comprehension and I'm open to any advice or call of attention at any missing link. Don't hesitate to ping me about broken links, I'll fix them as soon as posible.

You can read all the information at the Ubuntu One blog.


  1. I have never used Ubuntu One because it always was a pain to use on Lubuntu anyway. I think they made the right decision, although offering an easy way to transfer files to, lets say, Google Drive might have been more ... polite :)

  2. I would suggest to move them to a free software platform, such as Kolab or OwnCloud. There are several free hosts and some of them allow you to pay to increase your storage space.

  3. Estoy ansioso y emocionado porque ya falta menos de 2 días para el lanzamiento oficial de Lubuntu 14.04! (:

  4. Where can we download the nuew lubuntu !! I really want to try it ! PLease tell us what's going ?