Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lubuntu Utopic Unicorn 14.10 β1

We’re preparing Lubuntu 14.10, the Utopic Unicorn, for distribution in October 2014. With this early Beta pre-release, you can see what we are trying out in preparation for our next version (with  3.16.0-11 Ubuntu Linux kernel). Remember that this is an early beta pre-release, so don't use it on daily production computers.

We'd like you to join us for testing, especially if you have a PPC machine. We didn't have PPC testers this release, do there is no PPC release.

Read the release notes before getting the disc images, and contact us with feedback.


  1. The actual kernel version you will get is 3.16.0-11.
    Just pointing that out, because in the text there is 3.15.x mentioned.

  2. Yeah, the kernel team did things when we weren't looking! I'll ensure it is corrected :)

  3. Andy, fixed it. Thanks for your reminder ;)

  4. You are little devils at times.. I really appreciate that some does actually takes the time to 'proof read' stuff.... Andy, you're a star and if you want to join wiki area and / or comms area... I reckon you will have a warm welcome.

  5. Thanks. Besides, there's nothing more I need than a WARM welcome in this cold and ugly "summer-in-the-making."

  6. 3.16 kernel has issues with webcam video coming out black even though devices seem to be working ok, this happens on both my Logitech and Trust usb cams... Works perfectly fine on 3.15.8 though...

  7. Webcam ... WAIT ...
    (Logitech Communicate STX, fwiw)


    I can remember some insanely long error lines from syslog *at bootup* that didn't stop until I (literally) pulled the (USB) plug.

    This has never happened in pre-3.16 kernels.

  8. ~~ ~ ~~

    <3 drop plymouth <3 :)~~

    ~ ~~ ~

    ..other than that: >>ThumbsUP<< :)
    for a great Distro (&Energy )~

    ((...runs flawless&fast on this 1st gen netbook for months now..))
    ~(well, autostart is kinda tricky^^ :-)