Sunday, March 08, 2015

Box 0.50 rev. 474

New version that starts a new challenge for Box: supporting not only more environments, but known apps too. There're a lot uncovered applications that need their own icons existing in our theme. Thanks to Đurađ Radojičić, the Lubuntu Artwork Team is getting now a reinforcement to make it possible.

Geary (from the ElementaryOS distro) is just a new covered app, among others to come. Because all good apps should run in our favourite distros, just the way we want they look. That's the power of Linux: freedom.

Download while it's hot.


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  2. Amazing! Simple and clean, excellent!

  3. Looks very nice.

    A small correction: Geary is developed by Yorba, not Elementary, though Elementary does use Geary as a default.

  4. @Azrael5, thank you!

    @Robert, Yorba developed Geary (and Photos, the fork of Shotwell) for Elementary first together with Dan Rabbit. And Elementary still uses it as its default client, unlike any other distro. But I think he's joining Ubuntu now. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  5. I suspect you are conflating Geary with Postler, the email client begun by Elementary, which was later abandoned in favor of joining the effort on Geary.

    Re Photos: Shotwell has been the default photo manager in Ubuntu since before Elementary's first release. Other than agreeing to the fork, I don't think Yorba has contributed to Pantheon Photos specifically.

    I don't mean to disparage Elementary in any way, but I feel that Yorba hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves on these projects.

  6. Thank you for great artwork!
    Can you tell me how i can get windows with rounded corners like in your screenshot?

  7. Hello, Corny. These rounded corners are available only with Unity desktop. The traditional LXDE can't draw them, only squared. And thank you!

  8. Hi,

    I posted the comment about

    May be it not related to gnome-panel.css, because the border and menu like list look also strange.

    I just thought about gnome-panel.css based on the error message, but may be there is something else.

  9. Hi,

    the look of

    Is not related to missing gnome-panel.css (I copied it from Lubuntu-default theme).

    Any idea why file-roller looks so bad?

  10. If it helps this is what I see:

    Box theme

    Clearlooks Phenix

    So with that theme it works. I would be nice this worked with Box theme too, because I really like Box theme.

  11. Yes. Those are a new class of toolbar menus. As new widgets are being incorporated to the UBuntu themes, our Box theme gets its modifications every re-merge with the main code. Just a few days and it'll be fixed.

    About the gnome panel it's being fixed now. I'm afraid I can't fix problems as quickly as Gnome team creates them (due to unexpected changes).

    Thanks for noticing.