Monday, March 09, 2015

[Results] Lubuntu 15.04 - Community Wallpaper Contest

The results are in! As always, we would like to thank everyone who participated and everyone who voiced their opinion by voting in the contest.

Unfortunately we always have some submissions not complying with the rules of the contest, usually by licensing their submission with a license that we cannot use within *buntu due to legal issues. As such, the #2 submission has been disqualified and we would like to congratulate the reserve for taking a well deserved 5th place in the contest!

Your winners can be found below, for complete results and detailed statistics click here:
  1. Abstract-Circuit by Jean CARTIER
  2. disqualified
  3. Grain Fields by RaDu GaLaN
  4. 100_7880 by porta.luciano
  5. Adventure by kari wagner
  6. Mont St Michel by Daniel
Congratulations! Your wallpapers will be included by default in Lubuntu and also be packaged into the Ubuntu repository for others to enjoy :).

A big thank you to Guilliame at Picompete for helping us host our contest!


  1. Can I download these to Lubuntu14.04 LTS ?

  2. Yes. Any wallpaper or image can be downloaded and used as a background. But these ones are included only in the artwork package for 15.04 so you'll have to download then manually and use them as wallpaper as you would do with any other 3rd party wallpaper. You can grab them at highest resolution here:

    1. Found pictures on this link but would appreciate full instructions on how to download.

  3. When you click on an image the background will turn black. Lokk below at your right and look for a "down arrow". If you press it will let you choose the available resolutions. Choose your preferred one and it will begin to download.