Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Wily Werewolf

Lubuntu 15.10 will be released in october with the codename Wily Werewolf, as Mark Shuttleworth announced today. A lot of changes will come with version, unfortunately, until the preliminary meeting, I can't explain the details. Anyway, you all know where are we heading to, don't you? ;)

The nice icon is an artwork from HopStarter.


  1. That is one cute werewolf :)

  2. I'm excited about the potential switch to Luqzilla - Firefox is getting too bloated for my liking - but worry about its security. I hope that being simpler than Firefox will make using AppArmour with it easier (and perhaps enabled by default?).

  3. Rafael, this somehow stinks :-/
    Can you imagine that even here on Lubuntu they're offering me to upgrade (via Software Updater) to a (seemingly) released alpha of Wily, which in fact is a PRE-alpha!!!
    I feel this was not always like that. When you announced first alpha of Vivid on this blog, this *was* the actual alpha, and not a pre-alpha. Plus, telling from the few days since the final release of Vivid, it is only logical that this cannot be a true alpha yet! So folks, take extreme caution *before* you accept the "upgrade".

  4. Don't ever get an alpha or pre-alpha in a daily use system. I always advice that when the ISO cook release an image. If you have been offered to upgrade, then you should configure your update manager to use stable releases only, not alphas or experiments. If the recommendation came from a person, blog or any other source, then say no. I DO NOT recommend here using pre-alphas at all. Also there's no link in this post, just the code name announcement.

  5. Again: the Vivid alpha release, albeit "only" alpha, was a VERY good product, and well-"cooked" (to mimic your terminology). But, as I said, it DOES matter whether this happens a few days or one week after the final stable release (former codename), or four weeks after (when most tough bugs will already have been ironed out by then).

  6. Hi buddy, your blog's design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!

  7. I need High DPI support and lxqt have it, ¿this release will bring lxqt by default like other distros?
    I see in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/ that until 16.10 we don´t see lxqt in lubuntu, ¿that is true? if it´s true I will cry because I hope to use 16.04 with lxqt

    off topic: a whisker menu like will be very useful

  8. Don't cry :) If it's not available in 16.04 (not very probable) you'll still have the chance of using a PPA. In that date, when releasing 1604 it'll be more stable and usable.