Thursday, June 25, 2015

Box theme re-merge fixes

Again, some changes in the GTK libraries made our theme looking wrong. This is a fix applied to GK3 apps with list boxes being greyed out making them totally unreadable (bug #1464349). See the differences before and after:

Also, some fixes in the core Ubuntu theme corrected the titlebar for Unity and the toolbar "continuity effect" in all environments. Before and after:

As always, you can upgrade or get your theme from the Artwork page. If you're a Wily Werewolf user or you added the PPA to your system, these changes will arrive soon.


  1. These are great fixes and this is a great blog! I have been wondering for a while now whether there are any plans of (1) making the Lubuntu theme fully customisable (some menu bars and buttons are not as if the last (or first) LTS release); and of (2) making the dark Lubuntu theme actually dark, like ambiance in Unitiy.

  2. It was considered, yes, doing a totally dark theme. But there're several themes out there really compatible with Lubuntu, and we're even considering remove the Dark Panel theme as well. We have no time or resources to maintain two themes (including widgets, icons, wallpapers, etc). Anyway, you can always check this:

    ...for getting compatible GTK3. There're tones of them, and some are really great.

  3. Thanks for your reply, Rafael. I am sure it must be a lot of work to maintain a theme! Does Lubuntu use GTK3?

  4. Yes, Lubuntu now uses GTK2 and GTK3, among other things that must be themed as well (notifications, panel bitmaps, some buttons) for not mentioning the compatibility with other environments (xfwm, metacity, Unity, etc). Yes, a lot of work :)