Tips and tricks

Welcome to this special page, where you can find howtos or guides to add some special apps or effects. The list will continue growing. Feedback and more howtos are welcomed!

 (Exposé like behaviour)

A nice tool for replacing the taskbar that exposes all windows in a handy mosaic and choose with a single click. Read it.

 (shadow effects and more)

Lightweight compositor for Linux that gives you drop shadows, fading and transparency effects. Read it.

Aero snap
(window to the edge)

AeroSnap is a feature of some window managers to anchor the windows to the screen edges.  Read it.

(customized watch)

Customize the way your clock looks, and make your panel show whatever you want.  Read it.

(custom right-click menus)

Extend the file manager functionalitites using scripts to handle any kind of file mimetype.  Read it.

Compose Key
 (write any foreign character)

Use any language character using a keyboard with missing keys. Read it.

3D Desktop
(a Compiz-like cube)

Transform your screen in a spectacualr multiple desktop 3-dimensional cube. Read it.


  1. I'm glad to see the Lubuntu site improving. You are off to a great start with these articles. Another site with similar types of articles is but is is no longer maintained. Maybe you can ask to repost, or at least link to those articles.

    Also I'm curious is there any reason to switch to Compton from xcompmgr?

  2. My apologies for answering here. I thought I already did, but it seems not (or maybe there was an spam error). And now, while redesigning the blog I watched this question unanswered, and that's inadmissible.

    I think I already explained why we switch to Compton, leaving xcompmgr, but simplifying, the reasons are stability and continuity. Compton is getting updates and improvements, while xcompmgr doesn't.

    Also, that blog is obsolete and, as I checked, closed and for sale. It seems that all articles must to be kept here.

    Again, sorry for being THREE months later, Scott.

  3. Hi.
    I think this is the best place to ask, sorry if it isn't :)
    It's going to be two weeks and I still don't have an answer to this:
    I'm hoping you guys could help :)
    It would be a nice post in this section too :D

  4. Hello, Dr. Jellyface. This is not really the place, but we are here for trying to solve anything, no matter its nature.

    But I'm afraid you're asking long time demanded (a few weeks I was asked about this). What you want is a feature (available in Ubuntu) called Ayatana, the ability to "maximumize" or integrate in a menu (LXDE hasn't that). The only thing you can do is Investigate a bit about a tool called "Maximus", compatible with Openbox.

    But there's no way to use an applet with window controls, an applet with window title, and everything integrated, because ithat would need a large amount of packages (like Ayatana) and re-compile the entire desktop.

    I'm sorry. Openbox is more simple than that.

  5. Pfaw. I didn't think it would be impossible. I just thought like a tiny applet that would have those buttons, and on press it would fire a signal a external daemon that would "maximumize" the active window...

    But thanks anyway :) sorry for asking in the wrong place :/ but I will continue to Investigate :) I do have maximus, will look into that.

    PS: wtf that speed do you have mobile notifications or st?

  6. Last comment about this topic, sorry, I really don't want to spam BUT, if the Task Bar (Window List) can "maximumize" windows, and show the title, why couldn't anything else? Like a plugin I was talking about?

  7. Nope. The taskbar can hide or maximize windows, not "maximumize" (only Compiz and others can do that; look at this property at

    And taskbar only can do what it does, because it's only a taskbar. If you're a great coder you can do a plugin for LXDE than can handle that. But you need to modify Openbox too to match this feature. It's very complicated and we should modify the entire environment.

    Check the "Maximus" app out there, it can do what you need, and it's already compatible with Openbox, Fluxbox and other WMs. But it's a 3rd part app. Or you join the LXDE mailing lists and ask for your plugin ;)

  8. Whoa. I think theres a massive misunderstandment here.

    I just found out what "maximumize" means, and I don't want that.

    I want to "add" indicators to the window title bar, by using a top LXPanel with indicators on the right, and when the window is maximized, maximus turns of the decoration, and the title with the buttons are shown on the top panel by a plugin.

    I updated the question a bit, if you want you can check out that. I don't want to spam. If you want, click on my name, my email is on my profile, you can contact me by that.

  9. I understand you, but the answer is simple: those applets don't exist. You want something like "window controls" (a set of applets for gnome-panel). But LXDE hasn't such applets. And trust me, Ubuntu has the most accurate repositories with more applets out there. There's no solution, unless you code & compile them ;)

  10. OK, I made a suggestion on the LXDE SourceForge page, and they liked it. Here's a link

    Only they don't know when they will implement it, because of insufficient man-power.

    Oh, a tip for a new Tips and Tricks article:

    Solves the indicators applet width problem. Feel free to use it :)

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  12. hola amiguitos, me gustaria porque ya no se pueden personalizar los colores con LXappearance en lubuntu 14.04

  13. @Anonymous #1: Vielleicht haben Sie über das Problem der "nm-applet" sprechen. Sie haben es beim Start hinzuzufügen.

    @Anonymous #2: No, no se pueden personalizar los colores. Parece ser que algún módulo de sesión ha fallado últimamente. Pero ya les he avisado y le están echando un vistazo. Espero que lo corrijan enseguida.

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